Monday, May 30, 2011


So I recently have been exposed to I have known about it for awhile however, I only thought you could watch it on your television if you had some sort of gaming system like Wii or XBox. However, I learned I could buy this nifty little box, an Apple TV (about the size of a coaster), and hook it up to my TV. I can now rent movies and TV shows through my iTunes, watch YouTube, Flickr, or some sort of ESPN thingy. AND... access Netflix! Lucky for me, I have a very generous fiancé who has let me sign into his account and access his Netflix. I kinda think it has revolutionized my life. I'm officially obsessed!

Now, almost every Friday I have a standing date night where I watch one to two movies (depending on if I fall asleep or not :-) I have also watched the entire first season of Glee - which is the BEST television series right on TV right now! Additionally, I have been watching FAME, Family Ties, the Cosby Show, and Fraggle Rock when I have a free moment.

Here are some of my favorite Netflix views:
Glee, the first season (and all the additional seasons that come out)
Easy A (this one's for you Mrs. B!)
Muppets Take Manhattan and The Great Muppet Caper (the Muppets are the best!)
Hot Tub Time Machine
All that Jazz (which is not a fun little musical, but the biopic of dancer/choreographer Bob Fosse's womanizing, drug using life)
Broadway: The American Musical (a complete history how Broadway Musicals came to be)
FAME (the television series from the 80's, not either of the movies)
Romeo & Juliet (Franco Zeffirelli's version)

And then there are these interesting shows that are some how on my Instant Queue since I share the account...
All of the Columbo series
Doctor Who
Ironman, several Spiderman, Ghostbusters, and X-Men = all cartoons
Star Trek
Kick Ass

I will probably never watch any of the above, well not true, I have seen Star Trek and actually like it. And maybe Kick Ass if I am really bored. Overall, I feel as though my life has somewhat been changed by my new exposure to Netflix. I doubt I will ever go to a video store again and will only have to Red Box it once and a great while.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


oh my gosh, it has been a while! i have been picking up extra shifts at work, and it seems i am too tired or not very motivated to write. I started to write about my mamma mia experience two weeks ago, but i decided writing about getting puked on is not good reads...

this past week was one i had been looking forward to since last october. it was finally LADY GAGA time! i was super excited for the show and the fact that it was on st. patty's day was just icing on top!

i went with my two friends, kacie and casey, - they tend to be my partners in crime in most super fun times! we went early to eat at goodnights pizza and hoped to get good parking - both of which happened! we were probably one of the first peeps going to gaga who went to goodnights before the show. however, the restaurant soon filled up with tons of glitter, wigs, leotards, spandex, and green. it was awesome people watching - if we saw all those peeps there, we couldn't wait until we got to the qwest to see all the costumes! don't get me wrong, we were also wearing sparkle and glitter, but looked relatively boring compared to everyone else.

as we got to the qwest, we were not disappointed - before we even got to the arena, we spotted 'precious', a drag queen dressed like lady gaga in her telephone vid. it was AWESOME! inside were more 'little monsters' all over.

the scissor sisters opened for her - they were great - gotta love a guy in a speedo and chaps! they didn't play for very long and then we had a long break until mama gaga came out.

oh my goodness! what a good show! it was all about her trying to get to the monster ball, first by car, then by subway, then she gets lost in the woods, then a monster comes after her, then she makes it! the songs were great! the dancing was awesome! her message was amazing! so much fun!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Over the top wedding ideas...

So, I have what you may refer to as... um... unique???, yeah we'll go with that... unique taste and ideas when it comes to dressing and decorating for special occasions. I love sparkle and things that are a bit different. If I were planning an over the top wedding, here are some of the ideas I had...

Depending on how they fit and let's be honest, what mood I am in, I could go for a traditional white/ivory dress or put in some color - either way, have it covered head to toe with glitter and sequins!

Here are some ideas I had for the Bridesmaids. I like the idea of going totally against tradition and having them wear a sequin pants jumper or to be a bit more traditional - have them wear a dress but sparkle galore!

Now, if I could wear heels, these would be the shoes I would go for! LOVE THEM!

I know not every one digs glitter - I get that... So my other thought was FEATHERS!!! I have been a big fan of feather boas and peacock feathers for a while. While doing some exploring on weddings, I came across two dresses that I immediately fell in love with. Check them out:

The first one I would wear if I was negative double zero, but it's still pretty hot! The other is just over the top fun! I can't imagine how heavy and awkward it would be to wear, however it is a show stopper!

Well, we can't forget to decorate the most important thing at a wedding, THE CAKE, right? I love this feathery looking cake, very unique and goes great with the theme - I just hope it tastes as good as it looks! :-)

Okay, now it's time to confess a deep, dark secret - something only those closest to me know... I am obsessed with tiaras. If it were socially acceptable, I would totally wear one every day. They make me feel important and special. I used to wear one every year on my birthday, however, since I turned 30, I felt too old to wear them. But because I am showing you my over the top wedding ideas, I had to include them.

So, truth be told, I don't have an unlimited budget and what's really important that we have a smaller, intimate gathering of all those we care about. We want everyone to be comfortable (including us! :-) and have a good time. Honestly, I don't need or really want all that other stuff. I think I may come to regret it when I'm 80 if I go too over the top. As long as Joe's there, waiting for me at the end of the aisle, the other stuff doesn't really matter.

(go ahead and let the teasing begin for that last sentence ;-)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wow - what a month!

Ok, sorry I haven't posted in a while. So much has happened that I think I have been too overwhelmed to write...

Well, here's the big news (which I know everyone already knows) - I'm engaged!!! Joe had been hinting for quite a while that he this would probably happen soon. We are kind of big on dates and anniversaries, so I always thought he would do it on a special date that was important to us. So when he insisted that we go to dinner, just ourselves, on Jan. 16, I was pretty sure he was thinking of proposing. You see, Jan. 16th, 2009 was the day we first met in person. He met me and my friends out at the Upstream, where we had the usual awkward first conversation. Then as we were leaving, we ended up separating without getting a chance to say goodbye... I was a bit sad about this, BUT before I made it to the car, I heard Joe yell my name. I crossed the street back to the Upstream and met back up with Joe. He thanked me for inviting him. I thanked him for coming, and went in to give him a half hug - however he held out his hand to shake mine. My purse was in my right hand, so I had to awkwardly switch hands and shake his. We departed and I went back to Kacie's car. I remember telling her that I was hoping he and I could get together again. When I got home that night, Joe had emailed me (and it was late when I got home!) saying again what a nice time he had. The next day, he explained that he was moving and switching jobs, so was going to be pretty busy the next few weeks, but was wondering if I would wait and go out with him after he was all settled. Of course I agreed and we went out on our first date on Feb. 1. We sat, drank our drinks, and talked til we closed the place down. It was perfect! Two days later, Joe asked me to "go steady" with him. I was so excited! And that began our great romance...

Fast forward two years... Joe realized that I was catching on that he was thinking of proposing on Jan. 16th, and surprised me by proposing a day early. He proposed in the same spot where we had our awkward first hand shake - where we realized we wanted to be together. It was perfect!

Joe's a wonderful guy and I am one lucky lady! I love you!!!