Friday, December 31, 2010


I am totally stealing this from Neil Patrick Harris, but I liked it...

Ten New Year's Resolutions (in no particular order):
  1. Read more
  2. Become a gym rat
  3. Get my inner Giada on
  4. At least 8 hours of beauty sleep
  5. Make my bed (failed at this last year :-)
  6. Become a miser
  7. Do more Bible Study
  8. Be more social
  9. Speak another language
  10. Become obsessive compulsive with my apartment

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Memories of 2010:

New Job!
Joe painted us!
Kacie 30th dance party!
Spring Fling!
Dundee Day!
Brent's wedding in Florida!
Brent and Tamika home for Christmas!
5 Christmas's!
Awesome food at all the Christmas's!
Loan Paid Off!
Faux Fur Throw that I pet every time I use it!
Amethyst Jewelry!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Black Swan

On Christmas Night Joe and I went to see Black Swan. I don't want to give too much away but it was pretty brilliant. I really liked it, although it was very twisted and dark. It was about a girl, Nina (played by Natalie Portman), who is obsessed with being the perfect ballerina. She gets the lead part in Swan Lake but her inappropriate instructor is not happy with her as the Black Swan. She also has an overbearing mother who is living vicariously through her daughter. Trying to be the perfect dancer and perfect daughter lead Nina to become obsessive and paranoid - convinced the new gal, Lily (played by Mila Kunis), is out to get her role...

I was freaked out through out the last half of the movie - grabbing and squeezing Joe's hand and arm tightly, but that only added to the brilliance of the movie. I definitely recommend you go see this!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Celeb Gossip

Hello my babies!
It's been a while! well, i don't have any thing mind boggling to write about today but want to keep this up.

So, i thought i would write about something i probably know waaaaayyy too much of - celeb gossip! it seems like there have a lot of break up this week in hollywoodland...

ryan reynolds and scarlett johansson - seriously!?! - this couple says they broke up because they never saw each other. i get that they want their careers to take off and they both have/had big movies (comic book movies, no less) and both named hottest male/female of the year, but really, why get married if you aren't going to be with each other. i get that your jobs keep you away for a while, but isn't that why you plan it out? some people are blaming blake lively - ick! (i'll talk about her a little later...)

dexter peeps - i don't remember their real names - but didn't she stay with him when he had cancer? weird. but she plays his sister on that show - maybe that was a tell tale sign. rumor has it he hooked up with julia stiles - after they broke up... not too bad of an upgrade - i however find him creepy plus he was way too convincing as the gay brother on six feet under...

courtney cox and david arquette - really who would have thought they would have lasted this long?

eva longoria and tony parker - i kinda thought they would make it - however those basketball dudes - girls just throw themselves at them. maybe it's the shorts?

xtina (that was for you joe ;-) and her husband - apparently they had an open relationship and she is bisexual? shocking this didn't work.

okay, i talked about the break up - now for the oddest hookups...

jake gyllenhaal and taylor swift - i think both of these people are trying to date everyone in hollywood! what an odd pair!

blake lively and ryan gossling - another weird couple. i am just not a fan of her's. i feel like she plays the same person in each role - a pouty, weird lipped gal

so, i guess all in all - we all need to be thankful for the one we have and don't take each other for granted.

happy holidays!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yesterday and Today

When's the last time you got out of your seat, danced, drank wine, sang, and even sweated a bit during the entire second act of a show at the Omaha Community Playhouse? If you prefer to sit still and not have fun when you go to the theatre, then you should NOT go to this show. However, if you enjoy Beatles music or just a fun time, then go out and see Yesterday and Today at the Playhouse. You get to request your favorite Beatles songs, bring in your drinks from the bar, encouraged to get out of your seat and dance, and even get to sing on the mic (well, I was one of the lucky few who did!). I love Beatles music, but I didn't even realize all the songs I knew or how much fun they were!

I went to this show after having an unusually stressful day at work. I was very crabby, but super excited to hang out with two of my favorite girlfriends, Casey and Kacie, for happy hour. Once I met them at the 1020 in Dundee, I totally left work at the door, and we had a fun time chatting, drinking good wine, and eating some yummy (however later learned somewhat potent) bread with garlic dip. Afterwards we went to the Glass Harmony Holiday Art Show/Sale. This was either the third or fourth year I have gone. I have bought glass ornaments in the past as gifts, but never bought one for myself. I decided to get one this year. I LOVE it! The Show/Sale just happened to be at Omaha Community Playhouse, and Kacie is a part of their buzz team, so she gets tickets to some of the performances there. She suggested since we would be there, that we all go. Unfortunately, Casey couldn't stay for the show, but hung out with us until the show was about to start.

Yesterday and Today was in the Howard Drew theatre, which is my favorite theatre. It is small and makes you feel intimate with the cast, but I don't ever feel cramped, which is good for my weird claustrophobia. It was decorated in 60's psychedelic themed props (see pics) and the musicians were dressed like the Beatles in Chuck Taylors. The main three guys are all brothers and they started the show as a tribute to their father and they reference him a lot in the show, which is sweet. One of the guys even has a bass violin thingy like Paul McCartney (I think that's who played that). All of them have kids named after the fab four, too.

Thanks Kacie for the ticket! This was a super fun time and a great way to start off the weekend and the start of December!