Sunday, March 20, 2011


oh my gosh, it has been a while! i have been picking up extra shifts at work, and it seems i am too tired or not very motivated to write. I started to write about my mamma mia experience two weeks ago, but i decided writing about getting puked on is not good reads...

this past week was one i had been looking forward to since last october. it was finally LADY GAGA time! i was super excited for the show and the fact that it was on st. patty's day was just icing on top!

i went with my two friends, kacie and casey, - they tend to be my partners in crime in most super fun times! we went early to eat at goodnights pizza and hoped to get good parking - both of which happened! we were probably one of the first peeps going to gaga who went to goodnights before the show. however, the restaurant soon filled up with tons of glitter, wigs, leotards, spandex, and green. it was awesome people watching - if we saw all those peeps there, we couldn't wait until we got to the qwest to see all the costumes! don't get me wrong, we were also wearing sparkle and glitter, but looked relatively boring compared to everyone else.

as we got to the qwest, we were not disappointed - before we even got to the arena, we spotted 'precious', a drag queen dressed like lady gaga in her telephone vid. it was AWESOME! inside were more 'little monsters' all over.

the scissor sisters opened for her - they were great - gotta love a guy in a speedo and chaps! they didn't play for very long and then we had a long break until mama gaga came out.

oh my goodness! what a good show! it was all about her trying to get to the monster ball, first by car, then by subway, then she gets lost in the woods, then a monster comes after her, then she makes it! the songs were great! the dancing was awesome! her message was amazing! so much fun!