Monday, May 30, 2011


So I recently have been exposed to I have known about it for awhile however, I only thought you could watch it on your television if you had some sort of gaming system like Wii or XBox. However, I learned I could buy this nifty little box, an Apple TV (about the size of a coaster), and hook it up to my TV. I can now rent movies and TV shows through my iTunes, watch YouTube, Flickr, or some sort of ESPN thingy. AND... access Netflix! Lucky for me, I have a very generous fiancé who has let me sign into his account and access his Netflix. I kinda think it has revolutionized my life. I'm officially obsessed!

Now, almost every Friday I have a standing date night where I watch one to two movies (depending on if I fall asleep or not :-) I have also watched the entire first season of Glee - which is the BEST television series right on TV right now! Additionally, I have been watching FAME, Family Ties, the Cosby Show, and Fraggle Rock when I have a free moment.

Here are some of my favorite Netflix views:
Glee, the first season (and all the additional seasons that come out)
Easy A (this one's for you Mrs. B!)
Muppets Take Manhattan and The Great Muppet Caper (the Muppets are the best!)
Hot Tub Time Machine
All that Jazz (which is not a fun little musical, but the biopic of dancer/choreographer Bob Fosse's womanizing, drug using life)
Broadway: The American Musical (a complete history how Broadway Musicals came to be)
FAME (the television series from the 80's, not either of the movies)
Romeo & Juliet (Franco Zeffirelli's version)

And then there are these interesting shows that are some how on my Instant Queue since I share the account...
All of the Columbo series
Doctor Who
Ironman, several Spiderman, Ghostbusters, and X-Men = all cartoons
Star Trek
Kick Ass

I will probably never watch any of the above, well not true, I have seen Star Trek and actually like it. And maybe Kick Ass if I am really bored. Overall, I feel as though my life has somewhat been changed by my new exposure to Netflix. I doubt I will ever go to a video store again and will only have to Red Box it once and a great while.