Sunday, April 21, 2013

So this happened last night...

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Steel Magnolias

So I have had the newest version of 'Steel Magnolias' saved on my DVR for over a month.  I'm not sure why I haven't watched it before now, except I wanted to make sure I was able to stay awake to watch it.  There was nothing fun on TV tonight and decided tonight was the night to watch the newest version...

I remember going to the movie theatre to watch the original Steel Magnolias movie staring Julia Roberts and Sally Field.  I went with my mom and I am pretty sure I was a teenager or maybe even a pre-teen.  I don't think my dad or brother went with us, so it was a girls movie date.  I'm pretty sure I didn't process this at the time, but this movie made me realize how amazing my mom is!   I realized that my mom was very similar to the character, M'Lynn, played by Sally Field - right down to the similar haircut (sorry mom, kinda true...).   But what was the most similar was how much love M'Lynn had for her daughter, Shelby.  After watching that movie, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, my mom would react exactly the same if I ever needed a transplant or went into a coma.  But what I really realized was how deep, complex, and amazing the bond is between a mother and daughter.  I felt so close to my mom after watching the movie.  Like I said, at the time, I was unable to process why I felt this, just knew I did.

Since then, I have seen the live play version of this movie, re-watched the original movie over and over, and then watched the re-make with Queen Latifah, Phylcia Rashad, etc...  Every time I watch it, it just makes me appreciate my mom more and more.

I also recall just how my mom and I bonded over the movie - we told everyone how good it was - how we were bawling one minute and crying laughing the next.  It's just such a great ladies movie - makes you appreciate your girlfriends and realize how blessed you are for your mother.  I honestly don't know what I would do with out my mom - I love and appreciate her so much!  I know there is nothing she wouldn't do for me


I love them!
Ever since Joe and I started dating, I have always looked forward to Saturdays.  I love that I can sleep in, if I want.  Or I can take a small nap (I save the big ones for Sundays, maybe I will write about that in another post.)  I also love that I usually can clean, do laundry, or at least pick some things up during the mornings.  I also LOVE that my husband also has Saturdays off.  However, he usually has projects he works on - whether it be art or podcasting, but it leaves me to watching awesome Saturday TV.  And during the summer - Saturday afternoons are THE BEST!  My friends come over and we swim in my apartment complex's pool.  It's MY FAVORITE!  CANNOT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN THIS SUMMER!

But what I love most about Saturdays is Saturday night!  I ALWAYS do something I think is fun.  It's usually date night, which is my most favorite of times!  Joe and I usually find a fun place to eat - we carefully think about it - what have we had recently, what are we craving, is it a NU game, etc...  and base our decision off of that.  We also look at what we want to do afterwards.  Not gonna lie, most of the time, some sort of movie is involved.  That's my most favorite of dates.  But I also love live theater, so if it's not the movies, we may be at the Omaha Community Playhouse or the Shelterbelt Theater.  (P.S. - I think we need to check out the Bellevue Little Theater soon!)  If we have gone out a lot, some times, Joey P. and I just rent a Red Box movie, get take out (not gonna lie, Casey's Pizza is one of our faves!)

We presently have a new goal of trying out all the mom and pop restaurants in Bellevue.  Tonight, we went to 'That's Amore'.   I had read this place was looking for new owners and might be closed.  But the open sign was on it tonight.  I felt a little bad - there was only one gal serving the entire place.  It wasn't busy, but would have benefitted from two peeps.  Joe ordered pizza and I got the stuffed shells.  Mine came with a salad, which I ordered with ranch.  The ranch was FREAKING AMAZING.  My salad was fine.  It said it came with tomatoes, and I got one diced piece of one.  Not a deal breaker though.  My stuffed shells I ordered with both alfredo and marinara - so it came as half and half - I thought it would be mixed, but I was able to mix it.  There was way more sauce than needed to be.  The shells were good though.  Joe's pizza was just 'eh'.  Needed more sauce, but in the end, doubt we will order that again.  We do like supporting local business, so we might be back again if they remain open.

As we were looking for 'That's Amore' - we saw another new, mom and pop restaurant - Mi Casa - which we will definitely be trying out next!  Mexican, I think, is one of our most faves!
After dinner tonight we went and saw GI Joe - don't think I need to review it, other than to say, I got pretty restless after Channing Tatum was no longer on screen.  ;-)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm still here!

I might start this up again - we'll see...

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