Saturday, May 4, 2013


How do some people blog almost every day? I've noticed they use a lot of pics and post recipes and do not write much on their blog. So here goes trying that (although) I still enjoy writing from time to time...
Here's some pics from our recent chi town vacation (can I really call it that? I want a REAL vaca soon!)

Giordanos stuffed crust! So good, although I do think I like Gino's East better- still amaze balls

Trump tower! Three blocks from our hotel.

Just a few pics from the Art Institute

A few pics I took at the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park - this place looks like an awesome place for music concerts and festivals!

Some pics of the architectural boat tour I took. This trip was all about going and doing things I have never done in Chicago - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Met K and S at the Ralph Lauren lounge for afternoon drinks. It was great - I sat on a couch in RL as we relaxed for a bit!

Joe and I ate at a place near our hotel - Rockit - it was pretty fun - the menus were made from album covers and the food was REALLY GOOD (so were the drinks!)

Can you guess who ordered what? Last night - we were pretty tired and decided to eat at a place just a block away - the food was okay but the drinks were pretty great!