Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pitch Perfect

Although there was another night Husker game, that really didn't influence my choice to go out last night.  I have been wanting to see the movie Pitch Perfect ever since I saw the trailer for it!  And the choice of movies out lately has been slim pickings, so I was itching to see a good one!  My husband and I had free passes to a Marcus theatre, and that is how we made our choice on which theatre to go to.  Before the movie, we decided to try out the Bellevue mom and pop restaurant, Lil Burro.  It was just okay, not the greatest, but not horrible - they had good chips and salsa.  I did feel bad for Eric, who joined us, his steak fajitas were so over cooked it was like beef jerky! 

Then we headed off to the movie - Eric chose not to go, whatevs, he missed out.  ;-)  Our theatre was actually packed for it being shown during a Husker game.  We ended up sitting in the front row of the stadium seating.  I thought I would hate it, but the movie was so good, it didn't bother me at all.

The movie is about two rival a cappella groups - The Bellas (all girl group that likes to sing the same songs for each competition) and the Treble Makers (all boy group who changes up their music each time).  There are several mishaps that happen along the way to take them to the final competition.  It was such a fun movie!  It did not disappoint at all!  Here are some of my pros and cons for the movie...

  • Loved the cast - each character was so funny
  • The music was super fun
  • The plot was good, which made the movie continue on with out dragging in any points
  • I sometimes just need to go to a movie where I don't have to think too hard and just be entertained for a two hours
  • although I don't think they meant this to be a pro, but I secretly LOVED the song, 'I saw the Sign' by Ace of Base and this song was featured 
  • I now have to go watch the Breakfast Club
  • the two guy roommates looked too much a like, I had trouble telling them apart
  • there was a pretty gross scene in the middle - it was hilarious, but made me gag at the same time
  • the fact that they call Fat Amy Fat Amy - dudes, you are in college, that seems more like a junior high thing to do
  • i don't have any more cons  :-)
I would go see this movie again, it was so fun.  I loved it!

Next week - Wine Festival and Argo!

I also want to see 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' - but I don't think it is playing here... boo.

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