Saturday, April 13, 2013

Steel Magnolias

So I have had the newest version of 'Steel Magnolias' saved on my DVR for over a month.  I'm not sure why I haven't watched it before now, except I wanted to make sure I was able to stay awake to watch it.  There was nothing fun on TV tonight and decided tonight was the night to watch the newest version...

I remember going to the movie theatre to watch the original Steel Magnolias movie staring Julia Roberts and Sally Field.  I went with my mom and I am pretty sure I was a teenager or maybe even a pre-teen.  I don't think my dad or brother went with us, so it was a girls movie date.  I'm pretty sure I didn't process this at the time, but this movie made me realize how amazing my mom is!   I realized that my mom was very similar to the character, M'Lynn, played by Sally Field - right down to the similar haircut (sorry mom, kinda true...).   But what was the most similar was how much love M'Lynn had for her daughter, Shelby.  After watching that movie, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, my mom would react exactly the same if I ever needed a transplant or went into a coma.  But what I really realized was how deep, complex, and amazing the bond is between a mother and daughter.  I felt so close to my mom after watching the movie.  Like I said, at the time, I was unable to process why I felt this, just knew I did.

Since then, I have seen the live play version of this movie, re-watched the original movie over and over, and then watched the re-make with Queen Latifah, Phylcia Rashad, etc...  Every time I watch it, it just makes me appreciate my mom more and more.

I also recall just how my mom and I bonded over the movie - we told everyone how good it was - how we were bawling one minute and crying laughing the next.  It's just such a great ladies movie - makes you appreciate your girlfriends and realize how blessed you are for your mother.  I honestly don't know what I would do with out my mom - I love and appreciate her so much!  I know there is nothing she wouldn't do for me

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